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Example of 10". Each doll is unique.


A very popular doll easily recognized when painted with horizontal black and white stripes over his entire body.  He is usually shown in a humorous pose, gorging himself on a watermelon.  The pictures shown are just 3 of the hundreds of styles of kachinas.  They represent a 10" doll standing, 10" doll sitting down, and a tree of 4 clowns made of wood.


We obtain clowns from many different artists in many poses and sizes.  We always offer them in 8", 10", 16" and 24" styles that are similar to the 10" standing clown shown here, but often have other varieties in stock.  To see our current stock of other clowns, click here.


Description Price  
8" $52
10" $65
16" $135
24" $280

For current stock of other clowns, click here.


* See Kachina Info page for more information on special order dolls, hooded dolls, father & son dolls, and Christmas ornaments.


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