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Eagle Dancer


Conceptual Drawing

The Eagle Dancer is one of the most popular of all the Kachina dolls.  He is certainly one of the most spectacular and also one of the more difficult to carve and assemble.  The Eagle Kachina represents strength, power and is ruler of the sky and messenger to the heavens.  This sacred and magnificent Kachina is the protector of all.  

Dolls are available in 5", 7", 10", 12", 18", and 26". This doll is also available as an ornament.

**Doll pictured is representative of the quality and style of the dolls. Since each doll is hand made, actual doll sold may vary by color and detail. Detail also varies between sizes of dolls. Dolls shown are the 7", 12", and 26".


Description Price  
Ornament $25 
5" $25 
7" $32 
10" $55 
12" $67 
18" $170 
26" $330 

* See Kachina Info page for more information on Christmas ornaments.


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