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First Mesa

Example of 4".  Each doll is unique.

The First Mesa Kachina Dance is used to grow crops, particularly corn and in their semiarid land it is absolutely essential to have supernaturals on their side.  The First Mesa leads the passage to all the other mesas so that the rituals may be carried out.  It is believed that the supernaturals have certain powers that the Firs Mesas do not have, and the First Mesas in return possess things which their supernaturals desire.

Dolls are available in 5", 7", 10", 12", 18", and 26". This doll is also available as an ornament


Description Price  
Ornament $25
5" $25
7" $32
10" $55
12" $67
18" $170
26" $330

* See Kachina Info page for more information on Christmas ornaments.


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